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European politics is complicated. The Mercator European Dialogue makes it personal. We put you in touch with fellow parliamentarians to discuss pressing issues and help you realize your own initiatives. This is your chance to join a vibrant network of changemakers in parliaments across Europe and leading international policy experts. If you are a member of a national parliament in Europe and are interested in learning more, contact us.

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MED Member Testimonials
Learning more about realities in different countries makes us better politicians.
A helpful concept that is needed in Europe today
One of the most intellectually stimulating discussions I have attended in a long time
Everyone felt they could engage and exchange.
Very useful and important network of people and fantastic organization of events.
Thought-provoking and inspirational for our work, particularly on digital era issues
The meeting has a hands-on workshop atmosphere and is built for a collaborative, creative process.
It is an opportunity to have a conversation with my EU peers, away from daily politics and not too influenced by national party political lines.
An enriching experience for my activity as a Member of Parliament.
It's a refreshing format, an opportunity to gain a lot in a very short amount of time.
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