1 October 2020

MP Open Call: Your Direct Line to Europe’s Policymakers #1

At a time of social distancing, maintaining human connection and exchanging information can be tough. The Mercator European Dialogue (MED) continues in its mission of creating neutral and informal spaces that are accessible and can help strengthen dialogue between policymakers across Europe.

Starting on 1 October 2020, the MED is offering monthly open-agenda check-ins for members of parliament.


MP OPEN CALLS: your direct line to Europe’s policymakers

The new and improved MP OPEN CALLS are an opportunity to connect regularly with other members of parliament from the network. The MED will allow its members to check in with their peers for one hour every month. We will act as hosts and facilitators, but it is the participants that will bring their questions and topics to the table. In the open agenda format, participants will be able to hear from each other and gain first-hand information on the political situation in other European countries.

All participants of MP OPEN CALLS have the power of initiative: As topics emerge, network members are encouraged to start their own initiatives or volunteer their expertise on a subject relevant for other members’ parliamentary work. Depending on the purpose, the MED will provide the right format to carry the initiative forward, such as our improved MED120 (a 2-hour deep dive into a critical topic with the help of external expertise) or the brand new MED POLICY SPRINT (a focused working group that engages participants in a whole series of meetings).


Activity Format


Duration: 60 minutes every month

Topic: open agenda

Format: open discussion and breakout rooms

Registration: not necessary

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