Stories from the MED network

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MP Open Call #1 – On European Migration Policy and Covid-19 Measures
On 1 October, the Mercator European Dialogue (MED) hosted its first MP Open Call. This new call series invites members of the network to join regular informal open-agenda conversations with their peers. The participants decide what they want to talk about and how they want to use the one hour on the line together, spontaneously.
MED 120 Emergency Dialogue: Europe debates recovery plans
Our recently launched MED 120 workshop series provides parliamentarians from across Europe the opportunity to engage in 120 minutes of online dialogue to explore core implications of the Covid-19 crisis and discuss crucial policy responses with specialized experts. On 5. May 2020, ten parliamentarians from seven EU member states convened to exchange perspectives on European initiatives in response to the pandemic.
MED120 Emergency Dialogues: Exploring Critical Action to Prevent a Terminal Crisis
These MED120 Emergency Dialogues took place in the “Advance Politics” framework, a MED collaboration with the Institute for Integrated Economic Research. They consisted of three calls, taking place on 9 April, 17 April, and 4 May 2020, that enabled 18 parliamentarians from 14 countries to explore the critical economic, financial, and social implications of the Covid-19 crisis, as well as looking at the decisive national and pan-European actions that may be required in response to the pandemic.
Coronavirus and Parliaments of Europe
Over the past three weeks, the Mercator European Dialogue has monitored and informed its members on measures and responses to COVID-19 taken by national parliaments in Europe. Thirteen parliamentarians from eight countries used this opportunity to exchange national perspectives, best-practices and concerns in an online dialogue hosted by the Mercator European Dialogue.