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New Political Leadership for a New Europe
On 13-15 June 2019, 16 Members of national Parliaments from 12 different EU countries - among which Italy, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania - gathered in Rome for the first Mercator European Dialogue seminar on “New Political Leadership for a New Europe”.
Judy Asks: Europe - Is the System Broken?
The latest edition of Carnegie Strategic Europe’s Judy Asks column, featuring members of the Mercator European Dialogue Network, was inspired by the 6th Mercator European Dialogue on the theme “Europe: Is the System Broken?”, in Rome on February 1–3, 2019.
6th Mercator European Dialogue in Rome - Europe: Is the System Broken?
On the weekend of 1-3 February 2019, 61 Members of Parliament from 22 different EU member states came together in Rome to listen, discuss and collect a variety of national perspectives on the state of and challenges to the current political system and the EU, addressing the question “Europe: Is the system broken?”